Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three or More Tuesday – Blessings

Happy Tuesday everybody!! Our fantastic hostess, Tam over at the Gypsy’s Corner is hosting "Three or More - Tuesday". If you would like to participate, drop in and visit her for all of the details.


I think it is so easy to get caught up in day to day hectic schedules, stressful jobs & other things that we lose sight of the essential things that we are so fortunate to have.

It really is amazing to think how blessed we all are. Today I would like to share just a few of my blessings with you. These are not material things, but things that are very important to me. 

I cannot believe just how blessed I am to have my own home to come to everyday.  It is so sad to think there are so many people living on the streets that have no idea from day to day where they will go for shelter.

I feel so blessed to have a warm & cozy bed to lay in every single night.  There are so many people out there who would give anything to have just a blanket and a safe place to lay their head each night.

By the way, Bentley says he also feels blessed too!!

Each day I think what a luxury it is to have a bathroom with clean running water to use, and to shower in.  To have clean towels to use is also something I am so, very thankful for.

I am also so very blessed to have family & friends in my life.  It really is amazing to think how lonely it would be not to have them!! 

And, one of my biggest blessings that I am so very thankful for is this sweet little boy!!! 

Have a blessed week!!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Metamorphis Monday – Napkin Holder

Hello & welcome to Metamorphasis Monday.

As I was going through all of my Christmas things I found these adorable snowmen napkins that had never been opened. Since I will be having company for the upcoming holiday, I thought they would be precious to display & to use.

My only problem was I could not find anything to put them in. Then, I remembered a gold metal basket that I had placed in my garage sale pile.

I did not at all like the gold color for my napkin display.  Luckily I had just enough Heirloom White spray paint left in the can to complete & transform this small project.  So, I painted the basket & added just a bit of glaze.

And, here she is all dressed & ready for display:

Thanks for paying me a visit & seeing my project.  It really is amazing how something so small can be transformed into a new treasure.  I now can use this basket for so many things, and to think I was going to put it in a garage sale!!!

Please stop by to link up with our fabulous hostess Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for all of the details, and to see all of the other party participants.

Have a wonderful Monday.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas is Getting Closer……

Can you all believe how fast the time fly’s by? I am amazed that another year has almost past & Christmas is knocking on the door!!

I have absolutely no idea why, but I have had a huge case of the blahs the last couple of months. I think I will blame it on this South Texas heat!! But, the last week the weather has been so nice and cool for a pleasant change. It really is refreshing and makes me feel all rejuvenated!!  We even got a little snow yesterday!!

I now have my Christmas tree up and have been placing miscellaneous adornments around the house. I am now ready for the season & ready to enter back into the wonderful world of blogging once again. I have missed visiting with you all, and cannot wait to drop in say hello again.

Nicole ~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metamorphis Monday – Potting Bench/Buffet/Bar

Hello, and welcome to Metamorphasis Monday. I am very excited about this post because it means that I am actually finished with one of my many, many ongoing projects!! I only have about 357 more to go!! And, it is also hand made by my father & me!!

Actually, this project started this past November. I had the idea that I wanted a piece of furniture that served dual purposes outside. Its first purpose would serve as a potting bench by day, and its second purpose would be a bar/buffet for evening entertaining.

So, I gathered up a few ideas and pictures to show my dad, because he would be helping me with this little project. Bare with me, I have lots of pictures to show you!!

Here are the materials that were purchased to use for the project:

I got these at Hobby Lobby, not Kohl's.... I just used the bag to protect the gravel from the varnish that I applied to the wrought iron.

So, my dad was the engineer of this project, and I was the designer/supervisor. But, I did help construct it with him. I cut the fence post, but not not the timbers, I was to chicken to do that (they were to thick for the saw). The below picture was taken after we constructed it & I varnished it.

I grouted it & the grout would not set! I thought it was because it was to cool outside, it was January or February. But, the real problem was that I was using the premixed grout, and it was just not suitable for outdoors. So, it sat like this for a couple of months until I grouted it again with the correct grout.

So, after making a few trim pieces, grouting the tile & adding the wrought iron pieces you have the final project complete!! Here it is as a potting bench:

AND, here it is as a bar/buffet:

Thank you for stopping by & seeing my project.

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting this wonderful transformation party. I now encourage you to head over to Susan's place to see more great transformations.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Metamorphis Monday – Laundry Room Part II

Hello everyone, welcome to Metamorphasis Monday. Our hostess for today is Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch. Stop by to visit Susan for all of the details, and to see all of the other participants.

Now, brace yourselves before looking at the following laundry room pictures....... These photos were
taken when I first purchased my house last year.


Now, do not worry, I got rid of that horrible paint color prior to moving into the house. But, I did leave the cabinets unpainted until a couple of weeks ago. Since I painted the cabinets I decided to add a few more decorations to the room. So, I took all of these materials I had on hand, and went forward with my plan.

Oops, I forgot, I did buy this curtain panel. But, as you can see it was sort of boring.....

I simply added a little fringe I had on hand to give it a bit of life.

You ask why do I have a curtain panel in my laundry room/closet??? To hide all of this stuff:

Now that I think of it, I have several metamorphosis projects going on here. When I was looking around my house for decorations I came across this little picture.

After a paint job, scrapbook paper & a post card I picked up on Martha's Vineyard a couple of years ago, I came up with this:

I am not loving the pink in the picture, so I will change it out later. Here is another little project I added to the room:

Some left over scrapbook paper from a previous project, a lone picture frame & an initial leads to this:

I also made some panels to hide all of the cords & hoses behind the washer & dryer with some material I have had for years.

Do you remember I had a couple of previous posts about a certain lamp obsession I have??? I even have one in the laundry room!!!

There you have it, my improved laundry room!! With all of the projects I have done in this room I have added a little extra space in the cabinets, hidden the ugly hot water heater & stuff that I do not use on a daily basis & made it a bit prettier!!!

Do not forget to stop by Between Naps on the Porch to see other transformations that people have made!!