Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metamorphis Monday – Potting Bench/Buffet/Bar

Hello, and welcome to Metamorphasis Monday. I am very excited about this post because it means that I am actually finished with one of my many, many ongoing projects!! I only have about 357 more to go!! And, it is also hand made by my father & me!!

Actually, this project started this past November. I had the idea that I wanted a piece of furniture that served dual purposes outside. Its first purpose would serve as a potting bench by day, and its second purpose would be a bar/buffet for evening entertaining.

So, I gathered up a few ideas and pictures to show my dad, because he would be helping me with this little project. Bare with me, I have lots of pictures to show you!!

Here are the materials that were purchased to use for the project:

I got these at Hobby Lobby, not Kohl's.... I just used the bag to protect the gravel from the varnish that I applied to the wrought iron.

So, my dad was the engineer of this project, and I was the designer/supervisor. But, I did help construct it with him. I cut the fence post, but not not the timbers, I was to chicken to do that (they were to thick for the saw). The below picture was taken after we constructed it & I varnished it.

I grouted it & the grout would not set! I thought it was because it was to cool outside, it was January or February. But, the real problem was that I was using the premixed grout, and it was just not suitable for outdoors. So, it sat like this for a couple of months until I grouted it again with the correct grout.

So, after making a few trim pieces, grouting the tile & adding the wrought iron pieces you have the final project complete!! Here it is as a potting bench:

AND, here it is as a bar/buffet:

Thank you for stopping by & seeing my project.

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