Sunday, September 26, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday - Bedroom Patio Redo

Hello  there, and welcome to Metamorphosis Monday!!

A special thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun event.

At the end of Spring this year, this is what my patio view outside of my bedroom was looking like.......yeah, not so pretty!!  With the majority of my plants dying from the cold weather, I was getting really antsy to start sprucing up that patio and buying new plants. 
I just love plants and flowers, and one major drawback of the winter time for me is not being able to have them out. 

Here is another view of what I see when I look out my bedroom patio door.  This was also at the end of spring this past year. 

It was in deed time to start sprucing everything up for the summer!! 

I had purchased this little vanity stool at a thrift store a couple of years ago.  It had been sitting in my garage waiting for a new look as well as a new home.  So, I thought my naked patio would be a great place for it to live.  But, it would require some TLC to get it ready for it's new home.
This poor little plant holder had also seen better days, and it was needing some attention as well!!
 As I was gathering up my accessories for my patio, I remembered this little cross that had been under my guest bed for the last couple of years.  I thought it would be perfect to hang out there.   I thought it also needed a new makeover. 
 I then went and purchased some outdoor fabric for a couple of dollars, to cover this old patio cushion that had also been living in my garage.  Do you see my freshly painted stool?  It is not gold anymore.............
Since the cushion was to big, and was a standard size cushion for patio furniture I simply just measured & cut off the excess piece. 
 I then whipped up a slipcover for the cushion, and placed it on.....
 And, here is what my patio looks like today........
 I think my view outside my bedroom looks so, sooooooooo much better now................

 Here is that cute little plant holder painted green, it looks so much better, and does not blend into the gravel any more. 
 I just love this little turtle planter, isn't it just to precious??? 

 I added a little votive holder to light at night.  I just love having candles lit outside, it makes for such a cozy feeling at night. 
 See that little cross I painted under the awning on the wall, if you are looking out from inside you can see it much better.  I would love to replace this old, tired awning with new material one of these days.......

Thanks for letting me share my patio makeover with you, I enjoyed our little visit!  Have a great week, and hope to see you back soon. 

Please stop by and visit with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see her amazing fall arrangement she has placed on her front door, and to see all sorts of other wonderful transformations from the other participants. 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday - Welcome Home Gift

Hello ya’ll & welcome to Metamorphasis Monday!! 

What does a towel, washcloth and a little bit of fabric..............................

and, a couple of saved empty jars get you??? The bones of a cute little gift....

Well, a very good friend of mine had back surgery this past Friday, and I wanted to get her a welcome back home gift.  But, it had to be something other than the customary flowers or plant.  So after thinking about, I remembered this post that Kate at Centational Girl had done on a spa towel wrap, and I thought that would be perfect! 
I have been wanting to make one of these, and it would make a great gift. 
 Let me warn you....... I am no seamstress, and my skills are, let’s just say not that good! But, I will try and give it a whirl…

First, I cut a larger piece of fabric for the ruffle to run along the wrap, and a smaller piece of fabric to outline the pocket. I did not measure the length of these, I just made sure the width was even.

I then sewed a hem along the edges wrong side out so that the material would not fray. Then turned the material right side, and I washed the material. I am not sure why I did it in that order, I just did??

My goodness, turning this small piece of material right side out took forever!!   
Finally pulled it through, any shortcuts out there for me for the next time??? I tried it with a safety pin, but it still took a long time to unbunch it.

Next, I cut a section off the width of the towel so that it would not be so wide.  I then sewed the hem, and then sewed a two or so inch hem at the top to put elastic in.

I then pulled the elastic through, sorry, did not measure it either….  Since my friend and I are about the same size, I just wrapped the elastic around my chest for measurement….. 

I put the piece of fabric down on the towel & made a ruffle to go down the side and sewed it down. 

I did the same procedure for the pocket.  I had originally planned on using the washcloth for a pocket, but had left over material from cutting the side of the towel off to use as the pocket.

I then sewed down the Velcro at the top of the wrap to keep it secure. 

Here is the final product….. I sure wish I had a better camera and some skills, because the wrap turned out a lot cuter than it looks here.

I wrapped it up in some cute tissue paper & ribbon…..
Baked up some Peanut Butter & M&M cookies to put in one of the empty jars I showed you earlier……

Added a few extra snacks to my other empty jars, placed it all in a Dollar Tree basket, and added a bow to finish it off……

One cute little welcome home gift without a high price tag!!

Please stop by to link up with our hostess, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for other great ideas.

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