Monday, April 7, 2014

Laundry Closet Revamp

A couple of weeks ago the washing machine decided to take its last spin... So, it was time to purchase a new one.  Once the new one arrived, along with the new dryer, it was evident it was also time for a new curtain to hide those ugly hoses and plugs. 

Here are some before pics, with the new washer and dryer, and old curtains (see those ugly hoses, and plugs showing under the curtains):

I also decided to change out the panel hiding all my junk to match the material I bought to make the new curtain.  I changed out a couple of the decorations that were in there as well. 

I wanted to add another sign, and went to Pinterest for some inspiration.  Once I choose a saying, I typed it out and printed on some scrapbook paper, and then framed it. 

I added some ribbon to the store bought panel for a little embellishment.  Baby is helping out, or should I say supervising the project....  I sewed a simple curtain, added a ruffle at the bottom, and trimmed it out with some coordinating ribbon.

The finished product..

A friend gave me that cute Lenox, Butler's Pantry Sugar Bowl, and I decided to incorporate it in the project.  I thought it would be perfect to collect loose change left in pockets, or tips as I call them. 

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cute Iron On

Happy Sunday!! It was a beautiful weekend here in Texas!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. 

When I was looking for a patch to cover up the initials on my hoodie, I came across this cute heart at Hobby Lobby.  I also used my 40% off coupon which put it at just a few dollars. 

I thought is was so colorful, pretty, and it would perfect to put on a tank.  I went and purchased a couple of tanks at Target, but just wasn't sure which color I wanted to go with.....

I ended up going with the pink one, I thought is would be the most versatile of the two. It was a simple process to iron it on, and only took a few minutes.  I am very pleased with it. 

It will be perfect to wear with a light jacket now, and shorts in the summer.

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hoodie Redo..

Hoodie Redo..
Hello there, and welcome!! I have not posted to my little blog in a few years, and basically just abandoned it.  I always thought it was so much fun, but life just sort of got in the way.  I really have wanted to start it back up since it is such a great way to share your life, creativity, and projects with your family and friends. 

For my first post back, I would like to share a gift that just didn’t work out to give.  I purchased a hoodie that I had monogrammed with a friend’s initials to give as a Christmas gift.  
It was really cute, but long story short, the initials were not monogrammed in the correct order.  We ended up having to purchase another hoodie to get her initials monogrammed in the right order.  So, I had this extra hoodie with initials monogrammed that I obviously couldn’t take back, or use.  So, I looked for a patch to iron on top of the monogram, but I couldn’t find one that looked like it didn’t belong on a small child.  I did find an iron on transfer sheet in a chevron pattern at Hobby Lobby that I could use. 
I originally wanted to do a cross, but I ended up going a fleur-de-lis pattern. 
It was such a simple little project. I printed out a fleur-de-lis from clip art, traced the pattern on to the transfer sheet, and cut it out.  I then ironed it on top of the monogram, and was done.  

Now, I have a hoodie that I can use.  I added a fabric flower for a little extra interest, but I think I am going to add some rhinestones instead. 
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Free Paint Sample & Coupon.......

Happy Saturday yall!!  I just wanted to share a little bit of my excitement with you.  I was browsing through some blogs the other day, and saw on someones blog, sorry I cannot remember where, that someone had received a free paint sample from Valspar

So, of course, I hopped on over to Valsar's website to claim my free sample......Well, unfortunately they had given all their samples away already that day.....  But, a few days later I remembered going there, and thought it would not hurt to check again.  YAY, I lucked out and was able to select a color to come my way.  

This morning this sweet little box arrived at my door.......

Exciting Little Box......
I opened it up, and all of this stuff was waiting for me in the box.......
Look at all this stuff......
Cute little roller for your paint....
And, a $5.00 Coupon for your next paint purchase.......

Coordinating colors to choose from for your project 

Look at the variety......

Click here to select from a large selection of colors, and get your own free sample......  Valspar    Do not be discouraged if the samples have all been given away, try back tomorrow or the next day. 

Thank you Valspar...........................  I cannot wait to start my next project.

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful weekend. 

Bentley is not really loving his new hair cut.............

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Metamorphis Monday – Repurposed Pictures

Welcome to Metamorphis Monday......

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit.  Another thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun party again this week. 

Some time last year I purchased these two pictures on clearance for $3.97 each at one of my all time favorite stores, Kirklands.  OK, maybe it was it was a little longer that a year..........  Anyway, I liked the frames, but was not so much loving the pictures of the flowers, especially since they each had a month printed on them (top left hand corner on each one of them). 

 See, they were really $3.97, you just cannot walk away from that!!  That really is a steal....

I thought they would be great to use or repurpose for something else.  So, I added these to the never ending many, many, many outstanding projects that I currently have going on!!  Jeez, please tell me I am not the only one that takes so long to complete & finish a project? 

So.... recently I changed my bedroom furniture up a bit, it used to look like this:

 Now, it looks like this:

I thought that the wall above the bed & lamps was looking a little bare, and searched the stores for something to put above the lamps, but absolutely no luck!  So then, I remembered these frames that I purchased and decided to finally create something out of them. 

I went over to one of my other favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, and bought some scrapbook paper, two little crosses, and went to town creating new pictures. 

I simply cut down the scrapbook paper to fit in the picture area, Mod Podged it down, and hot glued the crosses down.  Violla.......... 

 The flash on my camera makes the frames look a bit more goldy than they actually are....

Here is the finished project hung up.  I really am satisfied with my final project, it adds something to the wall, and does not make it look to cluttered. 

Can you spot two sleepy dogs in this picture, one stands out a little bit more than the other......

Again, thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting.   She hosts Metamorphis Monday every week if you are interested in particpating, or if  you want to see some really great projects. Please stop by and pay this talented lady a visit.

Have a fabulous week!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday - Bedroom Patio Redo

Hello  there, and welcome to Metamorphosis Monday!!

A special thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this fun event.

At the end of Spring this year, this is what my patio view outside of my bedroom was looking like.......yeah, not so pretty!!  With the majority of my plants dying from the cold weather, I was getting really antsy to start sprucing up that patio and buying new plants. 
I just love plants and flowers, and one major drawback of the winter time for me is not being able to have them out. 

Here is another view of what I see when I look out my bedroom patio door.  This was also at the end of spring this past year. 

It was in deed time to start sprucing everything up for the summer!! 

I had purchased this little vanity stool at a thrift store a couple of years ago.  It had been sitting in my garage waiting for a new look as well as a new home.  So, I thought my naked patio would be a great place for it to live.  But, it would require some TLC to get it ready for it's new home.
This poor little plant holder had also seen better days, and it was needing some attention as well!!
 As I was gathering up my accessories for my patio, I remembered this little cross that had been under my guest bed for the last couple of years.  I thought it would be perfect to hang out there.   I thought it also needed a new makeover. 
 I then went and purchased some outdoor fabric for a couple of dollars, to cover this old patio cushion that had also been living in my garage.  Do you see my freshly painted stool?  It is not gold anymore.............
Since the cushion was to big, and was a standard size cushion for patio furniture I simply just measured & cut off the excess piece. 
 I then whipped up a slipcover for the cushion, and placed it on.....
 And, here is what my patio looks like today........
 I think my view outside my bedroom looks so, sooooooooo much better now................

 Here is that cute little plant holder painted green, it looks so much better, and does not blend into the gravel any more. 
 I just love this little turtle planter, isn't it just to precious??? 

 I added a little votive holder to light at night.  I just love having candles lit outside, it makes for such a cozy feeling at night. 
 See that little cross I painted under the awning on the wall, if you are looking out from inside you can see it much better.  I would love to replace this old, tired awning with new material one of these days.......

Thanks for letting me share my patio makeover with you, I enjoyed our little visit!  Have a great week, and hope to see you back soon. 

Please stop by and visit with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see her amazing fall arrangement she has placed on her front door, and to see all sorts of other wonderful transformations from the other participants.