Sunday, March 8, 2009

It Has Arrived!!

In January, I purchased this beautiful buffet/sideboard via my Aunt Susie's cell phone. She had mentioned to me that she had been to an antique show in her home town, and that they had some pretty pieces.

So, I guess I should take you back a year or so when I first purchased my house. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted an antique buffet for this particular wall in the dining room. Until January I never found anything that I liked, much less loved.

OK, so lets move forward or should I say back to January. During my conversation with my aunt I said, I wish that I could have gone to the antique show with her. She said that she would be happy to go back the next day, and that she would just e-mail me pictures for me to choose from. Isn't she such a nice aunt??? From the several pieces, which were all very pretty, I decided on this one:

My aunt & uncle live a couple of hundred miles away, and today was the day they came to deliver me the buffet. I was so excited, and the anticipation of its arrival was driving me crazy!! Boy, was it worth it, it is so, so pretty. And, it matches my table perfectly!!

Thank you sooooo much Susie & David for all of the efforts you put into getting me this buffet, I love it !!!!

What do you all think about it???



marty39 said...

Oh My is truly is stunning. The carving and detail work on the buffet are just gorgeous, and such beautiful hardware. You found a wonderful piece. How neat to finally have it in your home. Congratulations, I know you will love it forever. Hugs, Marty

Susan said...

GORGEOUS!! What a wonderful addition to the room! Love it!


xinex said...

You are right, Nicole! This so gorgeous, one of a kind too! And it matches your gorgeous table and chairs perfectly. What a great choice and to think you shopped through the phone!...Christine

Tracy said...

Wow, Nicole, that is an absolutely gorgeous piece! I really love the bowed front and the carving is amazing. It looks just perfect in the room.

Have a great week!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Nicole, :)
I'm so glad you made it by my blog and checked out my lighting post inspired by you. Thank you!

Well I must say that is one amazing buffet!
It is absolutely stunning in every detail.
You are lucky to have such a beautiful piece to cherish for years to come.
Love the detailed carving.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

PS...Let me see a picture if you put the rooster lamp on your fridge. I love having one on top of ours. It's on 24/7 with an energy bulb in it.

prof en retraite said...

Hi Nicloe! What a gorgeous piece of furniture!!! Love it!!!...Debbie

Erin said...

The buffet is so beautiful! I love that it is an antique and the detail on the wood work is amazing! So fun.

Linda said...

That is one beautiful buffet. I know you will love, not only the beauty, but the usefulness. Soooo nice! Linda

Lee Laurie said...

This is the most beautiful buffet! It matches your table perfectly!

Lee Laurie

lvroftiques said...

Oh it's beautiful!! What a sweet auntie you have! Theresa over at "take a sentimental Journey" has a similar one in her Weds Feb 18th post

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Looks so great, like it was meant to be!