Monday, September 20, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday - Welcome Home Gift

Hello ya’ll & welcome to Metamorphasis Monday!! 

What does a towel, washcloth and a little bit of fabric..............................

and, a couple of saved empty jars get you??? The bones of a cute little gift....

Well, a very good friend of mine had back surgery this past Friday, and I wanted to get her a welcome back home gift.  But, it had to be something other than the customary flowers or plant.  So after thinking about, I remembered this post that Kate at Centational Girl had done on a spa towel wrap, and I thought that would be perfect! 
I have been wanting to make one of these, and it would make a great gift. 
 Let me warn you....... I am no seamstress, and my skills are, let’s just say not that good! But, I will try and give it a whirl…

First, I cut a larger piece of fabric for the ruffle to run along the wrap, and a smaller piece of fabric to outline the pocket. I did not measure the length of these, I just made sure the width was even.

I then sewed a hem along the edges wrong side out so that the material would not fray. Then turned the material right side, and I washed the material. I am not sure why I did it in that order, I just did??

My goodness, turning this small piece of material right side out took forever!!   
Finally pulled it through, any shortcuts out there for me for the next time??? I tried it with a safety pin, but it still took a long time to unbunch it.

Next, I cut a section off the width of the towel so that it would not be so wide.  I then sewed the hem, and then sewed a two or so inch hem at the top to put elastic in.

I then pulled the elastic through, sorry, did not measure it either….  Since my friend and I are about the same size, I just wrapped the elastic around my chest for measurement….. 

I put the piece of fabric down on the towel & made a ruffle to go down the side and sewed it down. 

I did the same procedure for the pocket.  I had originally planned on using the washcloth for a pocket, but had left over material from cutting the side of the towel off to use as the pocket.

I then sewed down the Velcro at the top of the wrap to keep it secure. 

Here is the final product….. I sure wish I had a better camera and some skills, because the wrap turned out a lot cuter than it looks here.

I wrapped it up in some cute tissue paper & ribbon…..
Baked up some Peanut Butter & M&M cookies to put in one of the empty jars I showed you earlier……

Added a few extra snacks to my other empty jars, placed it all in a Dollar Tree basket, and added a bow to finish it off……

One cute little welcome home gift without a high price tag!!

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Melissa Miller said...

Precious! You are so creative Nicole. It really came out pretty and I just know she will enjoy it all.

I'm so happy to see you back to blogging! You were missed sweet friend. Thank you for your kind visit and words on my weight loss.
I really appreciate it. I hope I will see you stop by more often and more great posts too.

Blessings & Happy Fall!
Warmly, ~Melissa :)

xinex said...

You are such a good friend, Nicole. This turned out so cute! I am sure your friend will love it. What a pleasure to see you again. Where have you been? I've missed you....Christine

Sailing Simply said...

That is adorable. We used to sell these in a store I worked for and let me say yours is far cuter then any of the ones we purchased to sell from the manufacturers. I love the ruffles and the pocket! Your friend is very blessed to have you for a friend. Such a wonderful total package!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

That is a great gift! You are a good friend... thanks for stopping by , love seeing you there.

Kristens Creations said...

HI Nicole, thanks for checking out my bedroom! Love the welcome home gift...what a great idea. I wish I could sew! I need to learn someday...

Delchick41 said...

wow, what a terrific idea:)Thanks for sharing that. Oh, btw, most of us can't sew that well. You did a great job.

Cheryl@My Own Snug Fireside